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             CAT NAP GLASS

I am Jill Knapp, a Self Representing Glass Artist and  alsoa  retired Pediatric Physical Therapist from Colorado.  I own and operate a SCUBAshop in Evergreen, Colorado and am an active SDI SCUBA Instructor Trainer anddive instructor.  I have been diving forover 20 years and it provides my with unlimited inspiration for my art.  I found my true artform when I discovered melting and sculpting glass.  I took my first Lampwork/Flamework glass class in the spring of 2005 from Leslie Bitgood (CrazyWoman Glass) in Lakewood, CO.  Since then I have had the opportunity to learn from Kimberly Affleck, Andrea Guarino, DebCrowley, Mike Crowley, Chuck Bitgood, Suellen Fowler, Jon Olsen, Ray Olsen,Corina Tettinger,  Brent Graber and many others through tutorials and relationships. In April, 2010 I will be in Murano, Italy studying with a wonderful group of fellow lamp workers under the tuteledge of Lucio Bubbaco at ScuolaBubbaco.  While I work primarily in"soft glass" which has a coe of 104 I also work in "hardglass" with a coe of 33.  I also work in Bullseye which has a coe of 90 and Reichenbach glass which has a coe of.  The soft glass in your beads is often a combination of Moretti (Italian) glass, Lauscha (German) glass, Creation is Messy (CIM) and American glass which has been heavily laden with silver such asTAG, Double Helix Glassworks or 96.  The different coe's are incompatible with each other and cannot be mixed together or only in a very limited percentage. Precision 104 or Northstar Glass.  I may also add milliefiore,  frit, silver wire, sheet or powder, gold wire or sheet, dichroic glass, or copper or other elements into the glass to enhance a desired look or reaction.  Some reactions are predictable and some are a wonderful surprise! My beads are made using aGTT Phantom Torch combining a mixture of natural gas with oxygen to create the flame.  The beads are then placed in  a kiln to stabilize their temperature and anneal them to give them strength.  They are cleaned, inspected for any problems and then the final features are added to allow  them to hang on a necklace or a bracelet for a life of enjoyment.  I also make memorial beads which contain the cremains of  a loved one or loved pet.  The cremains are treated with the utmost respect and the beads are made with a sense of giving the recipient peace at heart knowing they will never be alone.I love scuba diving and underwater so it was natural to try to bring some of that experience to the surface to allow others to explore it. Fish can be so fun to watch. While I can create realistic fish glass ornaments or beads it's a lot more fun to create a whimsical fish or other underwater wildlife.  All of my fish and other beads are one of a kind.  No two are exactly alike.  Some are big, some small, some are definitely flirty and some are stern.  I give the martistic license to create themselves as I'm working in the flame.  The fish sculptures are made from a combination of glass rods, frit, stringer or latacino, twisties or millifiore  which I handpull or hand make from the hot glass rods.  I have beads on display andfor sale in Cozumel, Denver and Kona, Hawaii.  I can be contacted at (303)378-7164.  Please leave me a message if I am unable to answer your call.